Tail Hedging - Learn to Insure Stocks Against Large Declines

James Marsh
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This is an introduction to "Tail Hedging” using a simple, but powerful strategy.  Stock markets have large, rare declines that can devastate your retirement portfolio. My strategy will teach you how to insure against these declines and preserve your wealth.

Remember March of 2020? The stock market lost over 30%, but with tail hedging, your portfolio should not experience those losses. $100,000 - 30% = $70,000 for investors without a tail hedge.  

How great would it feel to sleep at night knowing your retirement is safe?

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A member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (me)

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Blog with articles on Tail Hedging

Life is Better When Hedged | Tail Hedging

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I am big fan of yours. I learned alot frm your awesome tail hedge course on gum road. I have few questions around tail hedge. 

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Tail Hedging - Learn to Insure Stocks Against Large Declines

11 ratings
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